Online Appendices

Below, please find online appendices for my publications.  Please feel free to contact me (for editable versions, advice, moral support) if you are interested in applying the materials or code to your own work.

(Posch, Nath, & Ziegler 2019) The Limits of Interest

This is the syntax which was used to process the raw data file from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) through to the final results published in:

Posch, Konrad, Nath, Thomas and Ziegler, J. Nicholas.  “The Limits of Interest: Capture, Financialization, or Contestation in the Politics of Rule-Making for Derivatives”

Narrative online Appendices: (Posch, Nath, & Ziegler 2019-11-24) The Limits of Interest – Watson Working Paper – Online Appendices

Syntax appear below: (more…)